TaPod - We Talk Talent Acquisition.

Ep 38 - Rebecca Powell - In Bed With Rebecca

April 20, 2020 Craig, Lauren & Bec Season 2 Episode 38
TaPod - We Talk Talent Acquisition.
Ep 38 - Rebecca Powell - In Bed With Rebecca
TaPod - We Talk Talent Acquisition.
Ep 38 - Rebecca Powell - In Bed With Rebecca
Apr 20, 2020 Season 2 Episode 38
Craig, Lauren & Bec

Join Lauren and Craig as they present an absorbing catch-up with Bec Powell - a true leader in the Australian TA Function
Bec talks us through her own Covid19 'loss of employment' experience and the amazing launch of 'Jobs for Australia'
Bec is extremely informative and bloody entertaining... Enjoy!
Oh... and don;t forget to hang on for the deleted scenes!

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Join Lauren and Craig as they present an absorbing catch-up with Bec Powell - a true leader in the Australian TA Function
Bec talks us through her own Covid19 'loss of employment' experience and the amazing launch of 'Jobs for Australia'
Bec is extremely informative and bloody entertaining... Enjoy!
Oh... and don;t forget to hang on for the deleted scenes!

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wait. A podcast for everything telling acquisition were informative, controversial and a little bit crazy. Now, please join your hosts and industry leaders Lauren Shop and Craig Watson. Hi, everyone. Welcome to Tar Part. I'm Craig and I'm Lauren. And today we have the wonderful Rebecca Power joining us, who is a talent manager. Candid experience and employee engagement, talent branding, tell position, are a 100 member and basically fabulously unemployed. Welcome back. Thank you, guys. So Rebecca up The first question we asked everybody when they come on is how did you get into recruitment? So, technically, this is the first interview you're doing with us that's actually going to air because WeII did interview you about a week or so before the covert stuff hit us four weeks ago on DH. Since then, you've lost your job on DH out there on the hunt. I don't think I'm going to get him to limit to 37 on DH. Yes. So tell us how you got into recruitment on DH. How you're not in it right now.

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I think like 50% of the people who you talked, so I got in by accident. It wasn't planned I have a degree in marketing in Japanese. I was an English language teacher in Japan when I after I graduated uni. And then when I came back after three years, I was selling computers for Del on DH. I think, if you will remember when Bell Notebook started going on fire

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but tops clear actual lap corner

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on DH. It was during Ireland's Celtic Tiger boom, and my best friend and my sister were both in recruitment and a few other people on you were in recruitment. Andi like, Oh my God, there's so much money. Wait, don't do it. It's good. So I thought, Sure, why not? So I interviewed with this small agency. They were focused on sales and marketing rolls predominantly, but were also part of a a slightly bigger accountancy and financial services agency on DH. They gave me my first taste of agency life. That was in Dublin in 2007

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DH. I was with them for two years before I came down. Under

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those two years, you would have had the GFC and that as well.

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Yes, my first year was brilliant, learned a huge amount. Companies were desperate for people so didn't have to do too much cold cooling or business development. The second year was suddenly much harder on DH. At the same time, I was going to a lot of personal things. So had made the call that I was going to pack my bags and come to Australia. Possible training 30. So that was a grim, grim milestone when you're in your twenties and loving, loving life. So yes, a year, one great year to a few more challenges on DH. When I got to Australia after a few months of having a great old time being a backpacker and travelling around, I was fortunate, too. Get a job with a boutique agency on DH comparison what Ireland was going through. The barely scratched the surface here in

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Australia. So a

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lot of companies that try to use as an excuse I was able to win more of them over by talking about the Irish situation and what a comparison of Australia. So I was in a tiny little office all on my own in Melbourne on the agency was based out of Sydney on DH. I was on my lonesome, and for those of us who are in Melbourne, it's It's a really, really different set up here. So much is driven by relationship comparing Disney, which is a little bit more

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They need transactional. That's the word on. So it was a tough ask to rebuild in office that had been neglected for quite a long time. But I was fortunate I was able to get a couple of good clients on DH. The company so saw enough potential in me that they wanted to sponsor me on DH. Now, 11 years later, I'm a citizen on DH, married and have a dog who's just in a yoga class with It's been it's been quite a journey from agency recruitment in the GFC in 2009 to know I'm a new I don't I'm not going to fit under there of the covert crisis because I don't think I am didn't help on probably expedited circumstances. But yeah, here we are 11 years later on, it will be interesting to see what happens to the Australian economy now that it's really facing a serious threat.

spk_1:   5:23
Speaking of serious a lot and I've got to know you pretty well over the last year or so on my favourite storey about you is how you married your cousin

spk_0:   5:35
E t. That's going tio,

spk_2:   5:46
not click. Yes, my name is power. My name is Powell on DH. I happened to marry a Kiwi, not whose name is also power

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We have checked. We don't have any.

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Oh, although

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when When? When he went Facebook official all their mates back. And instead you realise it's illegal.

spk_0:   6:11
Teo, it's

spk_2:   6:16
been great. I haven't had to change any paperwork

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and I'd like to

spk_2:   6:19
say that he took my name

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and not the other way. I suppose

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we will straighten up, get back to serious thing we find ourselves in.

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How has it

spk_1:   6:31
affected you and and where are you at with your with your Korean with opportunity. What's going on at the moment? Tell us all about it.

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It's an interesting time because I'm one of many people who have been affected it within just a talent acquisition. Face a za member of our l 100. It seems like every other day now. Sadly, what one of one of one of my peers is letting us know that she or he has had to be let go or they're seeing their hours reduced. Our incredibly accomplished people finding themselves with nothing to do, just thinking about the competition, that they can be quite daunting. My role is going to be made redundant more than likely anyway, as my company was merging with the competitors on DH, we had really scaled back recruitment anyway long before the pandemic hit, so I was mentally prepared for it. But in terms of what science there and all the rest. But there are jobs that people have to weigh up what they want to do on DH, either any anything that they want to have a bit of leeway on, that's going to be salary. That's going to be the level of responsibility. How hands on do they need to be? Because there are still plenty of companies hiring my industry was weight during and entertainment. Obviously there's not a lot of that happening anymore, but there's heaps of jobs out there within contact centres within the health care factor. Insurance banks were still hiring, so yes, there's absolutely way more competition and it's harder to get a job. So what? I'm focusing on now and I've been very fortunate. I'm doing the level of mentoring worth Rebecca Houghton as well from Bold HR on DH. She's been really helping me refine my value propositions, my personal value proposition, how I present myself to organisations helping me with my CV cover letters and just thinking about water than write roles that I should be going after that. That's been an enormous help me because you know, people in the sector is so good at looking at other people. See, these are so good at giving advice on helping others within two preparation. But when you turn the focus in Wrigley, it certainly incredibly,

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it's very hard to write about yourself to do your own CV. I've told a few people we know is Tio change your name to some third person. Pretend you're writing about that. I think that's the easiest way to write about yourself. It's pretend it's not you.

spk_2:   9:12
It's tough. And even with all of the help I've been getting, I felt back up about about myself. Surely, But it's been great sort of shedding those those preconceptions that you have about the process. And so I've applied for a few jobs. I'm interviewing in a couple of places a couple places where the tumbleweed is rolling through and I've had I've not even had one of those automatic Thanks for Europe became two responses. I'm in the unfortunate position My husband is still working, so I can afford to be a little bit picky on Take a bit of time, Tio really go for the right role rather than just getting a job.

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Well, yeah, that's so true. If you've got that time and you're in that luxury position where you can don't just go jumping into something that's just going, Tio, even I would even suggest to anyone I don't know. It's It's hard to say. I'm lucky at the moment. I'm I'm still I'm still working. I've got everything here. But do you try another industry just for the next three or four months until we pick up again? None of us know how this is going to end. And, yeah, it is it going to end with an influx of everyone ramping up real quick and needing people, or is it going toe slowly limp out of it? It's It's not like a really recession in the fact that this is a fiscal thing, that's happened because of economic influence is this is a disease. We've never got burying this in our modern world. And

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there's such a dearth of people coming into the labour market. I've been working a roll recently with a company that is in a researcher capacity and and when this happened, they said, Look, we're going to still recruit for this role but we think now you can get a better quality off candidates. So we're looking for someone with more of a sales background with someone who knows what the next step off the cycle is. Apart from research on, I presented to people to them last week. I hope that other way. Listen, two people last week and they interviewed him both in the feedback was are we think that they won't last in this role? We think that after three months, they'll be bored. So even if Harding managers are struggling, well, even especially, especially everyone struggling but three candidate there's the recruiter, whether it be internal or external, the hiring manager there's everything is different. Like I'd imagine, I'd imagine back that some of the roles that you have applied for that you may have had interaction would be with people farm or junior than the roles you have been in the past two. And all these things people put on different hats. It's just crazy, crazy, crazy.

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The other thing that you mentioned there, Craig, though it's like they've expanded the role. Did they expand salary today, taking advantage of the people out in this to get somebody better overqualified and beat them down, which is okay, that's what's not okay. I don't agree with that, totally. But yes, it is a buyer's market at the moment when it comes Teo talent. But in three or four months time, when this takes off again, or six months whenever it is that we go back to some sort of normality in the business world, is that really a good branding exercise to know a zoo company? You've just beaten everybody down the last six months for your own financial gain on. Are they going to be willing Teo up that back to market rates? Or is that person just goingto leave?

spk_1:   12:36
Think every person is going to be judged on how they're acting now with fair existing workforce and any any recruitment process there?

spk_2:   12:45
Yeah, and I had a conversation today. I was interviewed for a role earlier this morning on DH. I was very clear on my salary. I said, This is this's what I was earning. So I've not increased my salary expectations. From what I was on in my last role, I said, This is what I was on. This's my minimum is only marginally lower because what I'm on is bang on the market race.

spk_0:   13:13

spk_2:   13:14
if I start asking for any less, I'm devaluing myself on my abilities on DH. Yes, there's a lot of really smart people out there. Yes, there is a lot of competition for roles, but I really feel that those of us in this position now who are looking for work need Teo be comfortable and taking a stand with employers and going, This is what you're going to get for me. I'm worth I'm letting you get me for for why, instead of X, but any lower and it This is how biassed creeps into the interviewing process and the recruitment process in particularly, let's face it for women. By and large. SOC women trying to get back to work after family, having a family and stuff like that on. So I was very clear with the person I was talking to. And then might it might put them off me, I don't know, but I said I'm prepared for it to have some flexibility, But you need to be prepared to acknowledge and respect that my experience in the market, regardless of the circumstances, is worth on. You just gotta have Teo firm on DH, thankfully, but it was relatively well received seeing with the other interview had where I'm at second stage name for that. If anything, I think if anything, I might be able to get more

spk_0:   14:38
s. But

spk_2:   14:41
yeah, So people need to back themselves because the minute someone says no, Do you know what? I'm fine. To take a 20 grand, take up anything to get back to work, that sending the wrong message. Both both the company is sending the wrong message and that also that individuals I'm prepared to thee two shat on and disrespected just because you think times were tough and I'll do anything for money. That's not the way forward. And Lauren, as he said, well, quickly work out. Those companies have that have exploited the circumstances around gain on DH, they'll be exposed down the track.

spk_0:   15:19
Well, they will. They will be exposed because they're going to lose some, very going to end up getting some great people, and we're lucky to them for the next few months. But those people are not going to stay, You know,

spk_1:   15:30
it's really just going to be a contract, really, you're going in. You going to do some work while you can, but assumes the opportunity comes where you're at at the value you should be paid, you'll jump straight out.

spk_0:   15:42
But also I just thought of something then. If this's the way that some of the employers are doing to push down salaries, if their rest of their company are taking pay cuts during this time for austerity riches as well, would it be almost feasible to say, right, this is what we're doing? We're offering this job at this pay, and when covert is officially over, we will up your salary $20,000 or back to market right? I suppose that is a possibility Teo to throw at the negotiating table early early stage, but again, are they going to sign off on that are, they're going to realise that they're getting a bargain for brief. But if you want to keep this person, you're gonna have to pay. Yeah, I think if there's a there's an opportunity for

spk_1:   16:28
transparency early and you're talking like that and it's all written into the contract that there will be a review

spk_0:   16:33

spk_2:   16:35

spk_1:   16:35
I think that people might consider it and there might be a better chance of being able to hold on to them on the way out. But if people are just trying to take advantage of market conditions, as they are now, there are people out there that will have to take roles eventually. A soon as we get into better times, those people will be on seek on. Indeed, they'll be economical, and that's just the way it is. But what

spk_0:   17:01
else have you been doing? So WeII. No jobs for Australia? Yes, the one that video yesterday on LinkedIn.

spk_2:   17:08
Yes, good traction That way, Job frustrated so back when all of this is kicking off, Andrea Kirby said Teo number of us in the 100 aside, the few of us have been updating the grouping that we were sadly on the on the job market again and she reached out to those of our food who were available and said, Look, I'm looking at doing the thing with Richard Jones from smart recruiters and Justin Figo is well, would you guys be interested in helping? And it was basically about having pound and position our HR services for those people who have lost their jobs because the covert 19 crisis and at the time we were here in Qantas is blowing off loads of people virgin tool of these organisations in the hospitality and travel sectors who were just reeling from from the restrictions and everything that was going on, thousands of people suddenly finding themselves out of work on DH. She if you had some people reaching out of supplier, saying that might be able t help on. Would we like to get involved absolutely so back and forth because we needed to make sure that we're not a job sport. Okay, where not offer it. We're not feeling jobs for companies were not replacing recruitment agencies because plenty of those are finding it really tough. A cz well at the moment on by having to let their agents go, That's not what we're about. It were not for profit organisation made up of volunteers from across the A and H R Face all over Australia

spk_0:   18:49

spk_2:   18:50
We are helping candidates, people who lost their jobs or their finding it really tough trying to find work at the moment on DH who want to get a fence cheque in. Is there a TV Good enough? What does they're linked in profile? Look like? How can they prepare properly for an interview? Or are they even looking in the right places so it can be a really head turner when you find yourself Suddenly, either work, you weren't expecting it. You haven't touched your CV in years. You don't know where the stars on it's about just providing a little bit of advice. Either Overeem now or phone or what have you to these people and just giving them a bit of directions on a bit of support, everything and start, you know, my c b. I needed so much help with that, and I've been in the States recruitment space for 13 14 years. It's so hard to look at your own CD on DH. Talk about yourself in your achievements, So having just standing tonight with someone else can make a really big difference. So we launched jobs for Australia on Wednesdays. Been going for a couple of days. We've had a huge response, in particular from people wanting to volunteer their services, which has been amazing on DH. We're slowly starting to see people in need of our help getting in touch. A cz Well, I've already spoken with a few people. I've got another chat coming up at three o'clock. Today's Yes, we're starting to reach out, get some traction. I was talking to a guy yesterday, just didn't have a clue where to start. Based in New Zealand. His job's been affected as well, so we're not. We're not ruling where people are from, either. If they get in touch, we'll try and help them if we can. But it's really stressing that we're not the jobs board. It's just volunteers giving their time to just help the purpose of jobs for Australia. As I said, it's not about filling jobs. It's about helping people get a job. You know that career coaching that career guys. So we're not we're not making money out of this or anything. It's about the candidates on DH help that they need a CZ. More and more candidates start looking for our assistance. We will need more volunteers to step up on DH. It's not a massive time commitment for people if you've only got three or four candidates that you need to help the weak because we are trying to even the low A CZ well, so it's not just one or two of us talking to everyone on it might be that, you know, someone want once a bit more, I guess. Organisational development career coaching service than a CV writing service. So between the four, we've got a different set of skills, so someone might start by talking to me. But then they might. We might discover that they're better off talking to another. One of the volunteers has got a deeper set of skills in a particular area of specialisation, so there could be a couple of people that help one candidate. It's really about this collective getting Australians backto work. It doesn't matter who does. At the end of the day,

spk_1:   22:05
I find it so heartwarming that ah, community that has suffered so much themselves and that look, we know we all know we've got massive networks within talent, acquisition and even in agency recruitment, and there are a hell of a lot of people out of work and it will continue. It won't There's no no finish line just yet, But for the people to say, you know what? We've got some skills that we can share with other people who were going through something similar is something that not many industries are capable or would have the humanity to do. And so many people view recruiters doesn't matter what side of the fence. But if you're a candidate, look, let's be honest. We're in the business as recruiters were in the business of rejection. If there's 100 applications for roll, one person gets it. 99 people off that percentage will look to blame and off that a percentage will blame the recruiter every time, no matter what. So this is not to change the perception ofthe recruitment or talent acquisition in society. But people should just step back and say, Well, the talent side of it or the people side of it we do is an industry care about other people and want to use our skills to help people have a better chance. Ah, finding gainful employment in a time that no one's ever seen before in the world.

spk_2:   23:31
Look, it's in this instance. I have a fairly tough conversation. Is one guy today who is here on a working holiday visa? No, night, mate. I'm sorry, but right now you're probably going to be one of the hardest hit people because companies simply aren't hiring thie availability it within the hospitality or within the agricultural sector for fruit. Picking himself like that simply isn't there because of all the restrictions. So

spk_0:   23:59
well, you did see that about a week ago in the Tour Alban area. They're looking for 1200 fruit pickers,

spk_1:   24:09
but it's difficult for them to work around the the restrictions of social distancing and everything within the roles. And I also read that three over 300,000 people who are non residents have left Australia over the past five weeks and because they're not covered by all of the stimulus measures by the various government, state and federal don't cover people without a permanent residency or other status, and it's, you know, and It's times like this where people, for better or for worse, become a little bit more nationalistic and they start looking after their own as a first step. So whether or not there's restrictions around working holiday visas or not, people who are permanent residents or not only because it's easier but because every country wants to look after the people that sort of belonged to that country. And it's it's difficult. It's really difficult.

spk_2:   25:03
Oh, look, it is this unfortunate? There is no easy solution to this that we don't know when it's all going to end on DH. I don't want to be crueller blood, but people are going to have to accept that. It sucks. But it's nobody's fault. Apart from, you know, personal ate the back. And that

spk_0:   25:22

spk_2:   25:24
you know it's a lot of people who will reach out to jobs for Australia, who won't find work this week,

spk_0:   25:32

spk_2:   25:32
week, next month that that's the reality of the situation we find ourselves in. It's not because they don't have the skills. It's simply that jobs are there right now. The restrictions that are in place with that fruit picking example, you simply can't work with those restrictions. It just can't happen. So there's going to be a lot of people who just have. There's no solution. There's no answer for now. But this too shall pass when will come up tomorrow. I unde eternal optimist. I believe Australia's on a brilliant job of flattening the curve on DH. I genuinely feel that we stick it out for the couple of more formal weeks that we have off the restrictions in place. I think we'll start to see companies opening their doors again, restrictions easing, people being able to get backto work. I'm feeling

spk_0:   26:26
good about it. I agree with you as well. I think we're going to see a lot of people batten down the hatches until the end of the thin year with 1 30 of June on DH, Then I I think as the restrictions are lifted, there is going to be a a massive hiring spray out there across across industries. And yes, a lot of people are going to get their jobs back from the employer that is just canned. Um, but then a lot of people are going to have bad taste in their mouth about that and not wanting to go back. So I think that as a recruiter in House Recruiter, you're going to be very, very busy ramping back up on Daz, an agency recruiter there going to be also quite busy with a client of pause dollar projects and are going to be ramping back up a CZ. Well, I totally agree with you back in two months time. I think we're going to be flood out

spk_1:   27:16
on. I think corporations are a bit bit smarter and have learned, even though juicy wasn't as hard here. But there were global lessons and organisations that have made what they feel necessary changes. Right now, they've also got one eye on the future. They're talking strategy, their understanding, the next phase of their business. And when it bounces back, they will be ready tto higher, and they'll be ready to bring people in and give them opportunities that compare, you know, Ah, long term career for them.

spk_2:   27:42
My probably took part part in my own class just

spk_0:   27:46
before the session, and he

spk_2:   27:47
never hang out with me. He's like a cat. He's very only one is a Scottish terrier I only wanted to do was just hang out beside me in my yoga mat on Do downward facing dog.

spk_0:   28:02
Well, I guess you all know my dad passed away 18 months ago, so I've been stealing my neighbor's dog on a every two days and taking her for a massive walks like 14 K walks every two days. I can't run at the moment. I've done my knee, so I'm just walking all of these kilometres and are poppies loving it, absolutely having it. She's getting out there. We're having a great old time great time eating the trails along the arrow and just letting off the lead and just chasing the ducks and the water. And you are going and Fisher out of the way. He couldn't get up the bank, so I had to put one foot in the water and get out. You're not looking after my dog. Barney will come home for a weekend with May happy and exhausted here. I can imagine so, but that's an

spk_1:   28:54
important point, isn't it back that during these times when we have, we're forced to live in a different way that people try to get a little bit of mindfulness in whatever way they can? It might be, Ah, Walker might be a pet. It might be yoga, But, you know, I've talked to lots and lots of people, and people are or coping in very, very different ways. Some people are struggling to cope. Some people can't get out of bed. But we've got you know, I think jobs for Australia's one way of doing this. We've got to make sure that we're there for other people if we've got the capacity to give, but at the same time making sure we're checking in on ourselves and a healthy as well

spk_2:   29:32
yeah, absolutely. I love thee. My solution, the way I live in the way I work and I'm getting through this isn't gonna work for the next person

spk_0:   29:43
or the

spk_2:   29:43
next person, but that's okay. We're obviously all individuals. But what One of the things I found that helps enormously for me, right at the start of working from home was I found that first week just go and where do I start? What am I doing on DH? I just myself. My own little can ban will also for people who worked in especially in technology organisations, agile delivery methodologies. You see all these post it notes on Wardle. The time and the need to start doing column, the finished column and all the rest on DH just writing everything out, Sticking it on a wall or a whiteboard or somewhere just helped

spk_0:   30:27

spk_2:   30:28
me a little bit of structure. And even if it was walk the dog, do some push up, cook dinner whatever. Itwas even if have nothing to do with work actually starting to build at a little bit of structure help to target the mind. So even if it whether it's work related or personal activities, you confined mindfulness in a variety of different ways. And for me, why the structure helped give me that mindless in that sense of purpose in that sense of commas. Well, to the extent that we ended up doing it as a webinar for the recruitment event company on DH, it haven't you treaty big impacts, like for some of the attendees who had found that they were really struggling and that would be E, I guess, under pieces of advice I would give to anyone who's just kind of at a loss of words to start. It's incredibly simplistic, but really effective on DH instead of God with just big, huge tasks. Break it down into really manageable bite sized chunks. Don't have 20 or 30 things on your doing list. We all might claim that we're great multi taskers, but frankly, that will show you can only do one thing at the time.

spk_0:   31:45
Exactly. It's so not quite

spk_2:   31:48
impossible, but close to impossible. If you want to do something, you focus on that. You can do it for 20 minutes or an hour. Stop it. Move onto something else. You can't have this fool to do list of 20 or 30 things because that will overwhelm you. So you break it down into chunks. You've got your things to start. The things that you're doing, the things are done. And keep that list ofthe things that you've done there a CZ Well, because that sense of accomplishment as you move your posters or whatever your whiteboard, yes, rub something out, you move it to the done column. You can't overestimate the impact that that sense of accomplishment as it's been a great two for me. I mean, yeah, I'm walking the dog. I'm breaking bread because you can't cope with 19

spk_0:   32:33
taking way. Baking bread and banana bread. I don't get it.

spk_1:   32:39
You gotta be a crowd. You've got to do it. It's a rite of

spk_0:   32:43
passage. I have a God. Well, I must say I did by an adult colouring book the other day on. I think the number should have Dewey. Oh, no. It doesn't not know why they call it. That is a bullshit. Think it makes me feel better than I don't feel like a juvenile. But I didn't lose interesting that real quick. Well, I

spk_1:   33:08
haven't. I haven't migrated to jigsaw puzzles yet. A lot of people. Yeah, that's

spk_0:   33:12
my next stage. Jigsaw puzzles.

spk_1:   33:14
I've got one thing on us on Facebook where it just keep popping up because I clicked on it. So now pops up all the time. Is we, Kim, convert your own photos into Jigsaw. I took a photo of my blank wall, the same cream kor and got that. May have got it sent my brother

spk_0:   33:34
1000 pieces, man. Oh, that's just really But on that on that

spk_1:   33:50
night will probably pull up stumps

spk_0:   33:52
ourselves to show we're not going to get to release that fabulous one of when you were a bit easy. I know e. It was really good. It was funny because I love you and

spk_1:   34:04
I spoke just afterwards and said, Oh my God, that was such a not a waste of our time But there were so many gems in

spk_0:   34:11
their way should stop it anyway.

spk_1:   34:13
We'll have a look at it. Maybe waken drop little little gems We can call it James Jim's Back

spk_0:   34:18
things James in bed In a

spk_1:   34:21
potential she's reading from a bedtime storey book.

spk_0:   34:26
Everyone e I'll

spk_2:   34:28
get my velvet smoking

spk_0:   34:30
jacket big on that night. It's a from a and goodbye for May, and we'll see you soon back by Better take care Bye. Thanks for listening to Tar Pied Please don't forget to subscribe and look out for upcoming podcasts

spk_2:   35:01
because one of my issues with substance Australia at the moment on with a ll the content that's coming. And at the moment so many people are so leaguer to share stuff and build at their brand and be seen as the voice of reason of its

spk_0:   35:17

spk_2:   35:17
of calm and these challenging times where they want to volunteer because, you know it'll get them like interactions and build engagements. I'm not doing anything. Jobs for Australia. There's about four of us doing anything, and yet there's 20 or 30 people on like dancing. I'm so happy to be involved. There's too many people sending their time blowing their own trumpet on DH. They're doing Bugel except thinking of themselves, and I get it. It's a stressful time. If you're not working, you go to do what you can to build up your profile. But if you make a commitment to somebody to do something, you need to follow it up. It's a bit like when we were talking earlier about the companies who you confined and because increased their staff like shift or they're trying to take the piss, hiring new people. It's the same thing for those in this industry who were overwhelming our periods with youthful content, where promising stuff when we're failing to deliver. Some people need to realise it's going to come back on DH piping on the arse later on. So it's been quite fascinating the last couple of days. Special jobs, Walter indicating how many people are doing all of this stuff or they say they're doing a lot of stuff and honestly that it is very evidence we've got 30 or so candidates who are still waiting for people to reject them. You know Andrea paying for that? She's serving up e mails and doing stuff from people that I am so keen to get involved. You've got 60 people, maybe more, wanting to volunteer first intake of people like I'm so proud to be involved on DH. I'm seeing tumbleweed. They're doing nothing. Some people aren't looking e I get it. It's a volunteer service. If you've already got a job, you might not be able to commit the same time as you would otherwise. But don't don't don't say you're going to do something and not that you can tell by my voice,

spk_0:   37:28
because then I'll end up way. Get people on. The good news is taking your touchy feeling like it's all hugging Tim. Kumbaya on, for fuck's sake, I'm going to start talking again. I have been sober for seven years and you get what you want to get me on the piss again, Start putting me no situation because seriously, yeah, I've been drinking way more than I have in the eyes. Did you not hey, just recorded my rent, then

spk_2:   38:02
in bed with parts 12

spk_0:   38:04
and the behind the scenes posted on linked in

spk_2:   38:10
I'm putting you on speaker and I'm going on so linked in there.

spk_0:   38:16
Well, five minutes ago,

spk_2:   38:19
let's have a look today.

spk_0:   38:21
And you, Theo, that

spk_2:   38:31
e o needs to be a fucking laughing emotionally.

spk_0:   38:40
Oh, brilliant.