TaPod - We Talk Talent Acquisition.

Ep 37 - Kristen Graham - Video Killed the Radio Star

April 08, 2020 Craig, Lauren & Kristen Season 2 Episode 37
TaPod - We Talk Talent Acquisition.
Ep 37 - Kristen Graham - Video Killed the Radio Star
TaPod - We Talk Talent Acquisition.
Ep 37 - Kristen Graham - Video Killed the Radio Star
Apr 08, 2020 Season 2 Episode 37
Craig, Lauren & Kristen

Join Lauren and Craig as they catch up with Kristen Graham (Co-Founder of Video My Job). Kristen is one of our absolute favs and has wonderful insights into how Video can improve your TA function... Just don't leave your dog with her!... please have a listen.

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Join Lauren and Craig as they catch up with Kristen Graham (Co-Founder of Video My Job). Kristen is one of our absolute favs and has wonderful insights into how Video can improve your TA function... Just don't leave your dog with her!... please have a listen.

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wait a podcast for everything telling acquisition. We're informative, controversial and a little bit crazy. Now please join your hosts and industry leaders Lauren Shop and Craig Watson. Hi, everyone. It's Lauren and welcome to Top Heart

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and Craig here. And we have got one of our very, very favourite people in the whole wide world On the episode today. Christen Graham, co founder of Video. My job. Welcome, Kristen.

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Thank you. One of your favourites and you're at home.

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I am

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on you. I'm gonna ask you one question before we start. Do you ever get sick of being in

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Actually, it's like second nature now.

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Doing a podcast is very WeII had no choice. Craig's got a

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face for radio from video. Ever possible.

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But wait, you know we're working from home. You can hear Barney in the background having a good old chat. Ee thinkit's

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classic. I've got my cousins with me at the moment and his name's chop, which is short for Chopper

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read on DH.

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He's a little Pomeranian with a massive attitude. I'm sure you'll hear him throughout the interview.

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That's all right. Barney has been the source of my amusement all day. So, Kristin, as we start every episode with the newcomers on top Heart is how did you get into the game? Off recruitment. And hey, char tech.

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Well, big question. I I started out university doing a nursing degree. Would you

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believe when? Yeah, hold on a moment of no got No,

spk_0:   2:05
no, no, no. I'm no good. Other than looking after the family and friends in a nursing capacity, I was actually really pretty much got kicked out of

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universities for

spk_0:   2:17
cutting people, thinking ALS and brushing their hair too much and actually caring rather than looking after patients in a very timely manner. So it was definitely not a very good nurse. Probably too, too sentimental s. So I pretty much got out of that and Pelin Teo National Foods as a Attali sales rep telling Sonny Boy's and premature on then I kind of grew with that business. I was with them for seven years, and I ended up being a, um, account manager for pure milk. And I used to negotiate milk contracts with the Mafia.

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Pretty interesting client calls

spk_0:   3:06
you was all in the era when you was unregulated, So it was interesting time to be in that base. And then

spk_2:   3:16
I kind

spk_0:   3:17
of got the stitch with national foods and that I need I need to get out and I fell into Coca Cola and finally, enough coat you wouldn't have. You wouldn't think that you needed to sell Coca Cola, but we were more in the space game of selling spikes in Outlet.

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So indeed that

spk_0:   3:36
for a year and a bit. And then my partner at the time and I decided Teo, rent our house out and go overseas. That we put a little bongo van together with untold Minibus on DH was a Mercedes minibus. Mind you way, it tore out all the seats, built our bed and put a little cooker and

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a fridge

spk_0:   4:01
in there and travelled around Europe. The 12 months and pretty much lived on the beach. We

spk_2:   4:09

spk_0:   4:10
an incredible time, read a lot of books and pick up any languages whatsoever

spk_2:   4:15
and got a in order to get away with 23 languages. That's what exactly?

spk_0:   4:25
Yeah, it was really hard when we needed Teo change Tyre in three out back of Spain. That was quite

spk_2:   4:33
difficult. But anyway,

spk_0:   4:34
way got back and I saw this newspaper article with a lion on it, saying, Are you hungry for sales? And I've got all been in sales long enough. Sure. So I applied to this role and it was a recruitment consultant role and, Iet, recruitment consultant role. And I thought, All right. Okay, whatever. I'll give it a go. And anyway, I got the job friendly enough. And it was for a recruiter for people in computers. And it was off the back of the Y two k and just it was just an interesting inside into recruitment. And I did really well in the space and heads. Yeah. There you go. I love space. Back then on, guy was head hunted by. Actually, I wasn't 100 out of that job. Went to Grace on first and then really focus in on 100 from them from diversity to manage and look after the Australia poster. Caroline Diversity

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it, got that business and kind of took it from a zero desk up to 4400 and something. Contractors Onside it Australia person also managed the Accenture account, So really loved my time there. The golden handcuff

spk_2:   5:54
kept for a little while, but

spk_0:   5:56
I was just felt stagnated and really wanted to learn. So I kind of got out of that space and went internal. We're telling, too. I started a gig with them and six months into a beady roll selling our Pio products. And it was like going I'm not going to be honest l in our PIO product without being able to really understand what an archaeo delivers. So I had an opportunity. Teo, run the team, the global recruitment manager for the Telstra operations team, which is kind of half of their business. My team and I recruited about 1000 rolls a year. Teo culture and you know, I enjoyed it. I learned so much, you know, you really got a seat at the table in an internal recruitment role, and I just became really passionate again about what recruitment individuals can achieve for a business and trying to recruit people that really fit to an organisation strategy and understanding that from an internal perspective, gave me a really good understanding of the whole sort of picture of recruitment. So really enjoyed that. And then when I was made redundant, which was again perfect timing, you know, change it kind of takes you into beautiful places.

spk_2:   7:23
Especially it thrust upon you. Yes,

spk_0:   7:27
Azazel, Lot of recruiters do they start up their own businesses and my business was called Unleash on DH. I was all about trying to unleash your potential. No matter what it is you were doing, whether it fell in the recruitment or business needs or what have you and I fell into, Would you believe it was with the culture, health wellbeing, teen health, safety and well being team trying to improve the way they go to business. So at Telstra, we had a very transactional recruitment team. During my nearly three years, I actually made them less transactional and more customer

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spk_0:   8:06
driving value. So they took on Hey, you've made your talked a recruitment team this way. How can you help our health? Saving a wellbeing team also being a lot more value adding and proactive rather than transactional. So that kind of led me into owning a project called Thrive, where I took big problems within the organisation around their stress and work pressure within Telstra took that data and then designed and developed a technology solution which was a thrive up and it was giving employees and opportunity to self diagnose where they're feeling pressures at work around stress, anxiety, lots of different areas and be able to put an action plan in place whether it was getting seek from professionals, whether it was workshops to help them manage stress at work, whether it was reading for their family or Children, teenage kids, whatever it wass. So that was a really heart warming opportunity and my first insight into how our attack is built from problems. And you, my beautiful mentor, David Common. Hey, obviously, guys know

spk_2:   9:30
David well,

spk_0:   9:31
And you saw in the car, um, and white recruitment training. Hey, he's a beautiful man and a really good friend of mine and has been my mental for many years. Hey, said KG, I've got a good opportunity. I want you to meet this other guy

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spk_0:   9:47
David Chaka. He's got an idea, and I think I think you should come and only introduce youto anyway. So had got together, and David had the idea of video job ads, the recruitment business for many years, and he came up with this idea. I loved it. I had the corporate recruitment experience and yeah, That's kind of how I got in into the fold of video, my job on our founding team and, you know, the rest of history. For

spk_2:   10:19

spk_0:   10:19
on, we're in 53 countries were working with businesses that pretty incredible. And, yeah, I feel very, very proud of what our team that's delivered today.

spk_1:   10:31
It's amazing solution and, you know, and particularly proud that it's an Australian driven solution that Sze got global president real global presence. Now,

spk_2:   10:39
so does it be about that journey is almost four years? Must be

spk_1:   10:42
pretty exciting. I know that given area of we're all stuck at home now you're doing a lot of travel.

spk_2:   10:47
How do you

spk_1:   10:48
bring a new tech product to the market in a space where no one has really done that before? You know, video used for interviewing but for job ads and then the other solutions that it evolved into a swell

spk_2:   11:02
till it tell us about that.

spk_0:   11:03
Yeah, Look, any founder will tell you there's a lot of blood, sweat and tears that go wrong outside outside the normal 9 to 5 hours, and that's exactly what it is you're talking to. Business leaders and executives about an idea that just doesn't even resonate with anyone. So way learnt a lot in the first year of our existence, and there is only a handful of our customers within that first year that are still with us

spk_2:   11:39

spk_0:   11:40
We treat them with red carpet. You know, the golden gloves, because they have gone through the journey of and pain of our product in the early days to what it is today. Today, someone picking can pick it up. Creative video in second thie u X is incredible, but I think it's really tryingto understand product market fit. And to do that, you've gotto focus on the problem that your product is trying to solve. And the problem is still today because there's less than 1% companies around the world creating video Joe Bad. The problem is not only attracting talent but giving them an experience and understanding of what your organisation has. Teo offer building trust employees generated video is far more trustworthy. Then company produced, you know, highly polished videos. Candidates demand that level of transparency now, and they want that content that is, from an employee

spk_2:   12:52
from a hiring

spk_0:   12:52
manager. They want to know how that the company values resonates with individuals. And then, as you know, we all watch video. Five billion video is watched every day on YouTube alone,

spk_2:   13:07
so their ability to engage

spk_0:   13:11
someone e get on Facebook video. Big plan

spk_2:   13:18
on doing that, but not the voice is the same sort of concept. American Idol. That's the one. The American Idol.

spk_0:   13:29
It's video gives gifts that level of not really, really reality. It sze really think picket in plea generated. And I think now

spk_2:   13:46
is the time what you done. A massive key point that the authenticity off it is because it's real people at the company. It's honesty. It's the face of the people there who are already on the ground. It's it's not manufactured.

spk_0:   14:00
Yeah, that's absolutely correct. And giving, giving recruiters that opportunity to put themselves out there. And whether you're a recruiter in an agency or in house or an a r p o. You're you have you have that storey to tell you have thie ability to If you're an agency recruiter, you'll know the industry or the factor that you're recruiting in Mohr than most. Certainly you'll be able to give it a different spin and provide extra elements. You might have recruited people within that organisation or in that job role. You might have been working in this space and have industry updates that people will really resonate if they're a candidate looking for a job in that space. If you're an internal recruiter, you khun, speak about the company you know in Cramblett Morning you could bring it alive with video and show them your passion and beyond articulate using using video more than what words on a page Khun give. So finally enough talking and bringing that word and then getting over the hurdles of being Australian based company. And it's funny, you know, Australians. They're really they're pretty conservative and most don't take chances on small start up.

spk_2:   15:24

spk_0:   15:25
one of our early day customers, there's a couple actually that have really stood by us and really supported us through thick and think have bean semen. Teresa College sissy and she has been a really advocate of hours on end certainly helped us scale globally and then local locally. Mark Smith, from people to people you know, that business has gone to strength to strength using video and have grown over the four years that we've been working with them. So really cherishing our, you know, top 100 cut customers was certainly one of our strategies. So really, we put on a customer service teams. Teo really help people understand the use case and the content, create a script for whether it, you know, that had a structure, that video content making sure it's got a hawk and what's in it for May and then call to action. And once we had a core implementation, an adoption plan, we then felt we were ready to scale globally. So I I spent some time in an accelerated programme. Oh, bring San Francisco with the old trade

spk_2:   16:39
at their

spk_0:   16:39
landing pad in San Francisco on DH that was able to give May kind of a springboard, really into the US market. I spend all my time at as many conferences I could get to sharing. My word on dit was there that we picked up some incredible customers in out of the U. S. And one in particular which was over. I pitched to a hatred tech tank event on That's where the head of products or monster so we talk and we started our conversation with Monster and Monster Snow on those Monster is they're the third largest job board in the world and they have now been you were. We built their product called Monster Studios, which is a white label agreement. So having a company like that believe in us and believe that we're on to something, we've got something that actually can really help companies and really support not only hiring managers, that recruiters to finally have a tool where they can connect in a more authentic way on DH share to the world.

spk_1:   17:51
I was going to say You're in fairy 53 countries search. You're in more places than Corona virus, so you must be doing something right.

spk_2:   17:56
Ther e really appropriate. It now isn't

spk_1:   18:03
a taken away from thinking that the last five minutes

spk_0:   18:10
well, a video like any other medium video is definitely more contagious than any other virus.

spk_2:   18:19
Well, well straightened up, a good save A. Just with all of

spk_1:   18:26
these opportunities in different markets and in different sized companies and both agency and corporate, I assume you get an opportunity to work with a lot of large marketing companies, so it's probably a bit of two way learning. So the way your products developed, you'd be getting a fair bit of feedback from clients with future direction of strategies. Wells it fair to say

spk_0:   18:44
absolutely, in fact, way started out really trying to improve the way companies advertised job positions on DH. Now we can. We can always honestly say our tool is being more widely used for employees storeys. How

spk_2:   19:02

spk_0:   19:02
nurture candidates through the recruitment process, whether it's an onboard ng vio. Hey, welcome to the team media teammate, right? True to company update, especially in today's climate, where companies air trying to find ways to engage their staff than ever before or whether they've got, you know, extremely sensitive news that they want to update team at once but want to make sure that it's the correct message, whether it's happy birthday video or whether it's a hey, thanks for your time. I want to make sure that your career is, you know, whether it's a leaving type video. Thanks so much in good luck for your future endeavours sort of keepsake that a leader can take with them,

spk_2:   19:52

spk_0:   19:53
True to your video, interviewing in today's climate is super important.

spk_2:   19:59
Yeah, and as you were just saying, all the other video content that Khun go along and be used on your platform for internal calms and everything, I think it's safe to say that in covert 19 times, I think the video is much more personable and required than an email. Absolutely. It's good to hear from your leadership team and see them face to face, even if it is a video sent out to everybody so everyone can see. I think it gets that message across while keeping it personal and understanding what's going on with your people right now,

spk_0:   20:29
absolutely, and whether it products like Zoom or WebEx or any Skype or FaceTime, any video medium is definitely something that organisation should be using to keep in touch with their teams in more than ever before in this certain climate,

spk_1:   20:49
on and on. All of us over the last few weeks have changed the way we worked. Your role did involve, or probably well into the future involved a fair bit of travel. But aside from cutting or your hair often walking Pedro and Chopper, what have you been doing with yourself?

spk_0:   21:06
E. Did cattle my hair

spk_2:   21:11
off. Thank you

spk_0:   21:13
Know my daughter did it. My 17 year old daughter Cut my hair off way, actually. Or just

spk_2:   21:20
cut my look. My

spk_1:   21:23
relieve. A bit of boredom during the isolation.

spk_0:   21:28
My cousin's dog chopper short, the chopper read, is a Pomeranian, and he's been here living with me

spk_2:   21:36
now. Three No. Three

spk_0:   21:40
or four weeks and he's got these long hands. So when he when I take him to the park and I live near Mary Creek, so there's a lot of bush land, his poop is who always

spk_2:   21:50
e. I

spk_0:   21:54
am literally giving him showers every second day. So I thought

spk_2:   21:59
right, I'm wanted. Teo led

spk_0:   22:06
me into cutting his hair.

spk_2:   22:08
My brother and I thought we'd give him

spk_0:   22:10
a bit of a haircut and making look like a lion. And he's got this beautiful long line ish hair, and I actually thought it was a Pomeranian. Had hair that would grow

spk_2:   22:24
back. I've got a bald mama radio with a lion's mane on. My

spk_0:   22:35
cousin is devastated. I hoping never listen to this podcast. But oh my God, he is so angry with me.

spk_2:   22:42
And I am so sorry

spk_0:   22:44
that it happened that way. I

spk_2:   22:46
thought I did well get pictures

spk_0:   22:48
and images of how they look on

spk_2:   22:51
with a haircut anyway. Yet so I am amusing myself. But there's a lot of there's certainly a

spk_0:   22:58
lot of positivity that's going to come out of this incredibly horrible situation. Obviously, there's lively hoods and economy being destroyed, their deaths. But the optimists in May lend toward many positives, and I think I feel more connected globally than ever before. I do, I think, the reduction of carbon emissions. I hope that that's going to have a dramatic effect on our environment, our wildlife, but certainly proved that we can make a difference with that going local. I think more than ever, our local businesses need our support and making innovations like making business from home, like getting getting more time with your family and time of your pet is going to be a positive. Obviously there the world's changing rapidly and I think we're finally being ableto embrace better ways to do things and yeah, I think I feel optimistic about what the future holds and obviously devastated and doing my bit for the community, for staying at home and making sure that I'm not going out. I do a lot of business on Zoom. So I'm also my daughter, turns 18 in on the 16th of April, and organ is a zoom virtual surprise party for her.

spk_2:   24:32
A t least shut down and she can go buy a damn zoo.

spk_0:   24:40
Yeah, well, I think

spk_2:   24:45
we owe actually legally for the first time and unfortunately, has not gone to the pub she's going. Tio had the realisation that my parents 1/50 wedding anniversary is in May and all right, if we keep going the way we're going, I'm not going to get to see them for that. So I was really looking forward to that moment, but anyway, I'd prefer to have them alive and not see me. Absolutely. My

spk_0:   25:14
grandma's 94 she still lives at home, and he's got a little little dog. And yes, so she's kind of shared care. She has unearthed come around every every day, but I am staying well so I can actually go and visit her once every two weeks, making sure I'm isolated and you know, I obviously old do the rule of the 1.5 metres away from a but I feel isolation is also, you know, quite dangerous for our elderly as well. It's moments that could

spk_2:   25:50
kill him as well. So they go over all the fabulous things. Now you know all about Kristen so we can all have a chat to her whenever you want nowadays and obviously a fabulous sponsor of Tar Board s way. We're very grateful

spk_1:   26:05
that we've got access and support with a solution like video. My job. Obviously we don't use it for job ads, but we use it for more marketing type video releases and it and it's worked so well, Really good for a small business being able. Teo, get a message out there at short notice. And, like you said before you literally in a couple of minutes, you can have a 30 seconds or a minute video out there for to use for your purpose is to promote your business. So it's fantastic.

spk_2:   26:30
We love it. It's fantasy. A platform. I enjoy using it, so we have a great time.

spk_0:   26:38
It's a serious road map releases coming out, which is very exciting. Like I get excited with any news release comes out, but I think these particular ones they're going to bay. Game changes

spk_2:   26:58
two big takeaways from today. The fact that video my job is don't be fooled by the name. You can use it for any type of communication within the company. And I think the second big one is I'm never letting my dogs date your way. Video. See these poor bloody Pomeranian? Actually, this is

spk_1:   27:22
probably only time Christian than I've ever spoken to you that neither of us have had a drink in our hand And where sitting in

spk_2:   27:29
any No, she doesn't have a drink. Well, as you both know, I don't drink. So I'm contemplating hitting. Got Tio being gone. I can't drink. So, yeah, I think you might start day drinking. We're looking forward

spk_1:   27:55
to catching up with you and other people from the industry in a massive, massive Tell me one of the biggest party in the history of the world when all this flows on by. So thanks for joining us today. Kristen was been amazing speaking with

spk_2:   28:08
you. Fabulous. Fabulous 12. Thanks for having me going. No worries and will report to seeing you soon. Yeah, Yeah, way can weigh. Well, we're just cuddling a way. Everyone out there in top hard. Well, there's a good bite from May goodbye for me, and we'll speak you again after these are gonna have

spk_1:   28:32
the Easter off. Spend time with God knows what do all of that. All those point

spk_2:   28:38
getting in our quality time with our families? No way will see you for a week

spk_1:   28:47
after Easter. Say bye, everyone. Bye. Thanks for listening to Tar Pod. Please don't forget to subscribe and look out for upcoming podcasts.

spk_0:   29:01
So, quite enjoying not having Teo actually have that shower

spk_2:   29:08
on. Put my makeup on like, thie

spk_0:   29:14
amount of video conference called on in my Jim Jams down below and you just got my

spk_2:   29:20
But I don't the top party.